Monday, July 16, 2012

"It's all in your head, you need to unwind. You're losing your grip, the paranoia never ends"

I realize that most of my posts thus far mention Criminal Minds and guess what? This one is going to as well, haha.  It dawned on me today that I have been watching far too much of the show.  Let's go over the times in my day where I was paranoid, shall we?

  1. I was at the bank, depositing some money.  While I was waiting in line, I thought back to one of the episodes of Criminal Minds that I had watched where multiple bank robberies took place.  then I started thinking, "What if the bank was robbed while I was here? What would I do if that happened?! Oh my God, I hope the bank isn't robbed!" Immediately after asking myself these questions, I thought to myself, "Get a grip, Liz.  Nobody is going to rob the bank. You've been watching too much Criminal Minds." 
  2. This evening, I had an eye appointment scheduled at the mall.  About 20-25 minutes from the mall, a bald, scary looking man on a motorcycle rode up behind me.  He remained behind me almost all the way to the mall.  Now, I was taking an obscure route and this guy was beginning to make me feel nervous. Was this guy following me? What if he was following me? Then I realized that the "case of too much Criminal Minds" had come over me once again.  I told myself that I was being paranoid.  Admittedly, however, I was very relieved when the motorcyclist finally turned onto another street. 
  3. At the mall, I was wandering around, waiting for my glasses to be ready.  As I was walking towards Dillards, I noticed this man watching me.  He was bald, a little heavy and wore a white tank-top.  The tank-top was dirty.  He looked like a creepy handyman or something.  Well, when I walked by, he asked me a question about the shirt I was wearing (Miami Redhawks shirt).  He wanted to know if I went to Miami.  Now, remember that this man was very creepy looking.  So my head wasn't exactly in the right place at the moment.  So I looked down at my shirt.  He commented on this action, asking "did you not go there?" Once my brain processed his question, I said that yes, I did go to the school.  Then he asked, "then why did you look down?" I kind of laughed nervously and he said "sorry to bother you." I walked away and immediately thought, "I hope this guy doesn't follow me! What if he did? Going to the mall alone is kind of scary." Then I realized that I was being paranoid again.
To conclude, all this Criminal Minds watching I'm doing is making me a very paranoid person.  But guess what I was doing before writing this post? If you said watching Criminal Minds, congratulations; you win! Guess what I will be doing once this post is posted? Right again; I'll be watching Criminal Minds. 

Let's hope that paranoia doesn't set in tomorrow...

Quote from the song Paranoia by Swollen Members

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