Sunday, November 25, 2012

Website Review Wednesdays: Introduction

Hello dear readers! I have decided to start a new segment called Website Review Wednesdays.  Here, I will review websites that relate to education.  I am going to use the following format: 

Post Title: Website Review Wednesdays: [Insert website here]

Website Title

My Rating: A+, A-, A, B+, B- et cetera


  • Cool features of the website
  • Basic overview of site

Cool Links Found on Site:
  • link 1
  • link 2
  • link 3
Additional Comments

If you have a website that you want me to review, follow this procedure:
  1. Click 'Contact Me' under the website banner at the top
  2. Leave your first name and email address
  3. For the subject line, use the following subject: Website Review Request
  4. Under 'Message' give me a reason why you want me to review the website and provide the URL

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