Thursday, October 11, 2012

Teacher Insight Thursday: Handwriting Without Tears

I have recently began working with my intervention specialist to teach my students Handwriting Without Tears. So far, the children have really responded to it. Since I am not trained in HWT, Erin has leant me the book and CD.  She comes in once a week and does an activity with the children in the morning class.  Then I implement it in the afternoon.

The program combines letter play, body movements, music and more to teach students there letters. The way it works is you have a different letter each week and center activities around that letter. However, instead of teaching the letters in alphabetical order, you teach them in a developmentally appropriate order. For example, we started with L and just finished up with the letter F. This week, we are focusing on the letter E.

One of the activities my students really enjoy is making Mat Man.  A song is played and we use various shapes to create him.

The creators of Handwriting Without Tears also have a program for Math. For more information about training, the program, or anything else, visit:

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